About by Juniper

I am over joyed to be able to share with you all my favorite and most beneficial recipes and ways of eating.  I include simple recipes and videos to hope you learn to cook and how to eat the most nutritionally way I know. I also give you my sources and names of my favorite products. I have spent year studying nutrition. It is my favorite hobby, so it this is a labor of love.  I have taken courses in Weston Price cooking from Jill Eliott. I have taken Anthony Williams ,The Medical Medium, courses on optimal health. I have studied with a few herbalists.  I have taken many cooking courses at our local Highfield Hall and I have learned the most from my beloved grandmothers and mother. My Nonna from Italy made everything from scratch even her noodles and breads and my American grandmother Dorothy, who knew many old American cooking techniques. I am in the Daughters of the American Revolution through that side of the family.

I love food and I am so grateful for all the vegetables, fruits, grains, herbs, eggs, nuts,dairy, seafood, animals and even certain tree barks for their many nutritional and healing properties that they provide us.  These foods; closest to their natural state, sustain us in good health  and give us energy. My hope is that the things you learn here add  many healthy and happy years to your life.

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