Eat according to Your Body’s Wisdom by Juniper

There are so many good nutritional ways of eating, and they all have their place and time. There is vegan,(Anthony Williams) vegetarian, paleo, Weston Price ( traditional diets) Eat for your Blood Type and many more.  When I was a child we ate Weston Price ways, when I was in college I was a vegetarian, when I was pregnant I went back to eating meat and Weston Price , after I was finished breastfeeding; to get back to my ideal weight, I went vegan(Anthony Williams).  I continue to feed my body what it needs instead of following one type of eating style. For me I have learned that if I take time to quiet my thoughts and get centered in my heart; I  can ask my body what it needs. I do this at each equinox and stick to the food  plan that my heart requests for the following 3 monthes.

I also cook for my family the most seasonal and local foods that I can find. I believe Mother Earth is perfect and that the food that grows in the geographical location where you are is the best food to help you thrive there.  I also cook according to the organ that is most active in each season.  For example: in the spring the liver is strongest. I cook foods that nourish the liver like artichokes, asparagus and dandelion salad.  I also go very low fat then, to help the liver detox.   In the summer, I turn up the heat to benefit the heart and cook with chili powder and eat lots of salads and fresh fruits. In fall the lungs and the colon need support, with onions, root vegetables and garlic.  Winter is the season I feed my family meat to build up the blood and keep us warm.  I cook turkeys and stews.

Each person needs to decide what is best for them and trust their own body’s wisdom. Your body loves you and is here to serve you; so treat it well.

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